New Moon Blessings 9/10/2018

New Moon Blessings


Today at 2.16pm (Adel) we have our New Moon in the Cardinal Air sign of Libra.

Depicted by the mighty scales of balance, truth & justice, it heralds the reset or new beginning.

Libra is ruled by Venus and it’s energy is all about balance, peace, harmony, truth, justice, beauty.

This is the gifts being offered to you now Dear Ones, but do you finally feel worthy of receiving & living this way?

Remember a cardinal sign demands a reset or shifting of energy. It is the ruler of the element of Air.

Air rules our heart chakra, the very essence of love.

It gifts us our wings to fly, allowing us to breathe, to flow, to release, it’s our primary life force here on earth.

That is what’s being balanced & restored now.

Great truth has been seen.

Clarity will be gifted.

Truth revealed & learnt.

You have been dropped back into your heart space now, and being asked to start living a different way.

A new wave of conscious human-beings not human-doings have awakened.

Heart based not mind based consciousness, refilling with love & light, now receiving & giving love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, understanding, respect, kindness.

All relationships & friendships must be balanced & mutually beneficial or they have evolved or self combusted.

The ugly raw truths of your old patterns, triggers & mirrors have all been shown to you to heal, transform & transmute.

The mighty scales have balanced.

The polarity restored after the mighty pendulum within has done its work shifting extremes, untruths, old ways & beliefs that no longer served us.

It’s time to not only dream our world into being but live it.

Are you walking your walk?

Are you ready to birth new dreams & new way of being?

Are you finally giving & receiving love?

It’s great to be alive.

It’s great to be through this mighty rebirth.

It’s time to rise & shine.

It’s time to be the best version of you.

It’s time to be authentically you.

It’s time to be alive, living your life with passion & fulfillment.

It’s time to be.

We have waited lifetimes for this shift.

We are weaving the net of light together.

We are Conscious.

Beloved Child of the Universe, just like a Star, you were born to shine your light.

Shine brightly Dear Ones.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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