Everything that you go through, even the most cruelest, ugliest, unforgivable moments in time will have a powerful lesson for you.

Your soul is here in the physical incarnation to grow & evolve.

Look at your life, is there a repeated pattern or lesson that you have endured?

For me it was betrayal, which lead to trust issues.

Life has showed me this many times.

I have carried this lesson for many, many lifetimes.

Each betrayal got harsher until I connected all the dots.

Until I learned the lesson.

Until I gained the wisdom.

Until I put strong healthy boundaries around me.

Until I learned to love & honor me.

Until I learnt that not all people have the same values & moral compass.

Until I learnt many say they want the truth but few can deal with the truth.

Until I learnt the brighter you shine the more you will mirror & trigger others.

Until I learnt that people can be jealous of what your natural gifts are & who you are born to be.

Until I learnt about greed, jealousy & envy.

Until I learnt about liars & deception.

Until I learnt that nobody has the right to diminish you & break your soul.

Until I learnt that the shadow self holds all the keys & hidden aspects of self.

Until I learnt discernment, and who to share my valuable wisdom, love & light with.

Until I learnt that people can only meet you at their level of consciousness. That they fear & will try to attack or destroy what they do not know or understand.

Until I learnt not everyone is happy for your happiness & they really don’t want you to succeed.

Until I learnt not everyone is like me freely giving their wisdom to help others.

Until I learnt about false teachers that become threatened & betray you when you blossom & excel.

Until I learnt how to trust my gifts & instincts implicitly & my judgement of people has proven to me it is never wrong.

What is your life lesson?

Not sometimes, always, the things that hurt you the most, teach you the greatest lessons of life.

Something to ponder.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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