Full Moon Blessings

Full Moon Blessings

Well wasn’t it a doozie last night.

Overnight at 12.24am (Adel) or 12.54am (Byron) we had Grandmother Moon full in the fire sign of Aries.

So what does all that mean for you?

Well we have our Sun in Libra now gifting us balance, justice, truth, beauty, harmony, and of course as its rules by Venus, Love is in the beautiful spring air.

Our hearts & self open up to receive the light again & new cycles & rebirth occurs.

We had Grandmother Moon (Ancient Feminine) come up against & merge with the Aires (Masculine/Patriarchy) Fire energy.

So in all her beauty, radiance & glory Grandmother Moon came up against the authoritarian figures in our life.

Now there can only be mutually respectful & beneficial relationships & partnerships.

The Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine united in the heavens last night.

No longer will she (the Divine Feminine) be dominated nor controlled by the Patriarchy/Authoritarian Masculine.

Last night she challenged archaic control, power struggles, oppression, boundaries & outdated belief systems that diminish & she’s now gifted you the transformational fires of rebirth.

But beware fire energy can be constructive or destructive, the choice is yours how you wield it together with the mighty sword of truth, the mighty scales, and your life are coming into balance.

Big truths will come to light now, nothing can remain hidden in the shadow self now.

It’s time for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes & fly free with breathtaking radiance & beauty, finally the fair Maidens & Goddess are free to roam Mother Earth again unharmed, our beauty revered again instead of being prayed upon, consumed or devoured by greed & control.

Big energy abounds in Byron where I’m at this week & the spirits of the land were restless all night. Since our arrival heavy rains have fallen, particularly last night after sacred ceremony & blessing the lands & custodians.

I hear that great truths will be told now as we all start to release & walk out of these full Moon energies over the next 3 days.

But I’m asked to give a warning.

Please watch for fights, short tempers, judgements will cause explosive volatility & some may even unleash some wrath if untruths are spoken, if you try to control or hang on or an injustice is done.

Be mighty sure of your truth & facts before you go off like a bucket of prawns in the sun or it won’t be pretty.

You may be wanting to break free, finally loving & honouring you.

You may be ready to step firmly on your hard earnt pathway to happiness.

You maybe even ready to birth the new improved version of you.

You maybe utilizing the transformational fires of Aires to burn away the last of the dross, attachments, cords & debris from your world.

Wherever you find yourself, you are on the verge of a whole new life, belief system & who knows maybe even the love of your life or the life of your dreams is about to come into your world.

After all love is in the air.

Libran energy is the Master at delivering you abundance, beauty, balance, harmony, joy, love & light.

But are you finally ready & know you are so deserving of happiness?

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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