Full Moon Blessings 25/10/2018

Full Moon Blessings

Thurs 25/10/2011

Overnight at 3.15am (Adel) Grandmother Moon was full in the Earth sign of Taurus, and wasn’t she glorious, soft & gentle, as we start to settle from some of the tsunami of Scorpion emotions that had exploded into everyone’s world over the last few days.

Did emotions or your deepest pain & suffering ooze out from the pits of hell held deep within & threaten to consume you?

How did you cope & react?

Was there a lot of ugliness that has to be dealt with once & for all?

Did you have a bit of a break down, short circuiting & saying no more?

Did you have to shift full swing into fixing or releasing things?

Were you challenged to see how you are travelling now, by not being pulled into the tsunami, but now have you discovered you are able to hover in the eye of the storm?

Or were you the storm necessary to shift, transform & transmute lower vibrations?

Do you finally know what or whom has to be cut out of your world for your own good & growth?

Who or what is toxic in your world?

What habits, relationships or addictions are toxic & killing you inside?

Did you get a wound or betrayal from someone from the inner sanctum that felt so cruel or undeserved?

Did you get the sting of the mighty scorpion to your heart, threatening to stop or paralyse you with fear, pain & suffering?

Have you had to deal with people that are emotionally unstable because they have short circuited & simply had enough?

Big energy abounds, we have the emotions & paralysing sting of the mighty Scorpion (Sun) so if we are not loving our higher self, you will be in deep emotional turmoil now & being urged to return, transform & transmute your pain & suffering to receive the sun/soul energy/food that’s being offered.

But will you take or accept it?

Have you finally learnt that you deserve so much better & you are the one not allowing this to continue by not loving & honouring you & your truths?

You can if you choose release this once & for all.

Combining forces Grandmother Moon in Taurus, depicted by the mighty Bull, she has shined her divine light & love down upon this ugly abyss deep within your world to bring the light to earth & to your base chakra (earth element).

But watch out if it’s merging with your stubbornness, anger, resistance to change, or you will go charging & cause mass destruction, like a wounded bull in a china shop.

And at this time, some things will not be able to be fixed or repaired again.

It simply can no longer remain with you.

You cannot keep living that way.

You cannot continue to hurt yourself to help others.

You cannot cause pain & suffering to others & not feel the wrath.

You cannot keep projecting your pain & suffering into others, for they have had enough.

You cannot run & hide from it anymore.

The spotlight is shining square upon your deepest wounds & suffering.

You can’t stay paralysed & frozen in time running & hiding anymore.

Remember our primal earthly needs are

To be seen, to be heard, to feel safe/nurtured, to be loved.

If any of these aspects aren’t met, your world will be in chaos now until you love all aspects of you back to the love & light.

It is time Dear Ones to release all that no longer serves you, let it go, let your life & love flow again.

Ground yourself to the new earth vibration.

Be brave dear ones, call upon your mighty lions heart, love yourself, your world, your life, your story.

Be amongst the brave, the few who dare to follow their dreams & calling.

Your path forward out of it all & into your future that you have worked so very hard to manifest is being grounded into the Earth Plane now.

Focus now on what you want.

You know & no longer need to focus all your energy on what you don’t want.

Tell the universe what you will accept now.

You know your truth.

You know what no longer serves you.

It is time.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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