Energy Update 9/9/2018

Energy Update

9/9/2018 = 29/11 universal day

9 9 11

We have our 9:9 Portal

29/11 Universal Master Day

2018 Universal Master Year

Wow look at those amazing numbers, what a blessed time, it’s divine time.

This morning I have awoken early, long before dawn.

There is a silence, stillness, as if time is standing still.

It’s the ether, the sacred space where transformation begins & happens.

As night turns to day I’m shown that the time of darkness is closing for us all, like we are all literally birthing through the birth canal now, coming into a new dimension, space or vibration.

A new Consciousness.

We have 9:9 Portal activating & awakening our purpose, subconscious & higher self to emerge.

As we await Grandmother Moon to illuminate the dark skies again, as she births a new cycle, our New Moon in Virgo, activating big Earth energy, connections & new beginnings tonight.

I’m shown that this new cycle holds great opportunities as the sun/soul prepares to start a new cycle, gifting us all much needed soul food, as we are being nurtured on a deep sacred soul level.

Big energy abounds & you may have had a ratty restless sleep as much has been coming up from the soul or subconscious for release.

Universal 11 day on 9th day, 9th month, 11 year.

Kaboom, self mastery & destiny is stepping in.

It is divine time.

But are you brave enough to change direction, activate those new dreams, let go of what diminishes you ?

Are you finally ready to love & honour you?

Are you ready to give & receive love now?

Look at where you find yourself today?

Who is by your side now?

Does your world look the same or even remotely similar to the start of the year?

Endings have happened in your world, people, places, environments & relationships have & will continue to be looked at.

The truth will be there for you to see & you now know the truth in its purest essence.

But are you ready to take the next steps forward?

Has your fearless Lions Heart activated & awakened yet?

You would’ve been splattering, shattering & letting go anything, everything & everyone that has diminished you.

The mighty Wheel of Life is turning.

9 is the completion of cycles

9 is destiny, fate, your highest good returning

9 is all about endings

9 will demand you to step on to your path

11 are you the Master of your Destiny

11 the number of Self Mastery

11 The first level of knowing & understanding self, the single 1 or self has now become balanced.

11 the pillars or guardians of your path forward appear.

Do you only talk the talk or walk the walk ?

All week I have been clearing, shedding, decluttering, opening my heart space, embarking on a journey into the unknown.

I’ve seen it’s been a lesson in trust, in simply knowing & being my authentic self.

My connection, insight & channel have kicked up another dimension.

Now it’s like I’m fitting comfortably into my new skin that took a while to merge with.

Upon reflection I was the butterfly having to break its bindings from the cocoon to reclaim my mighty wings.

I now know that no matter what happens to me, or what turmoil surrounds me, I have now Mastered the ability to hover in the eye of the storm, or I Am the Storm needed for change.

That I Am always going to be fine.

I have no fear anymore.

That it’s ok, it’s just a moment, this time will pass.

That there are always endings, to make way for new beginnings.

That I am never alone, even when I am physically on my own, because I Am so loved, guided & watched over.

I’ve made a sacred vowel to my higher self that I will no longer accept nor allow pain & suffering in my world.

I’ve realised it’s all up to me & Ive earnt the right to fill up my world with what makes me happy, doing what I love & spending my time with like minded souls.

That I don’t need anyone else’s or societies approval to fit in or be my authentic self.

That it’s not only ok, but essential that I walk my path & go to the beat of my own drum.

After all that’s the only reason I agreed to come back to this earth plane to be of service guiding Souls in this lifetime.

Because ultimately if I don’t give this to me then it’s my fault & I can only blame myself for not living my truth & loving me.

What changes & cycles are you Mastering?

Are you ready to birth a new you, new life, new way of relating?

It is time Dear Ones,

It is time.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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