Energy Update 5/10/2018

Energy Update


5/1/11 – the holy trinity of change.

Wow so how are you all Dear Ones?

Hasn’t the mighty scales of truth, justice worked its medicine.

Anything that kept us in old patterning, judgements, pain, hurt, triggers has been purged.

We literally have all had our own Tsunsmi or Earth Quakes to shift what no longer serves us.

Pain & suffering tells us that a wound is present.

If you don’t heal, nurture, address, acknowledge, deny your truths, the lessons & release will continue to be brutal.

You may find you are in or have been through the Dark night of the Soul.

It’s where the shattering happens to crack open your heart, to let go, to surrender.

But this can & often does come out in ugly, destructive, desperation & despair.

The key is to try to see yourself or another through eyes of love.

Love gifts you compassion, understanding, empathy, forgiveness, nurturing, surrender.

Light will come in through the tiniest pin prick or crack.

Call in the Golden Consciousness, just like the Sun gives life to Earth, this sacred energy breathes life to your heart & soul.

Remember the sacred lesson.

“Forgive them for they do not understand”.

You can say a million words in a million ways, but to those sleeping, they cannot hear.

Consciousness, Awakenings are a mighty process.

Whisper words of love.

The soul always hears & responds.

You can’t transform & transmute the wound from the same vibration it happened.

See everyone through the eyes of Great Spirit.

This is how we find love & compassion for all.

5 the number of change.

3 x 1s are you coming back into sacred union within?

5 +1+11 = 8 Universal day – infinity/infinite possibilities, karmic cycles & patterning.

Has your heart & soul been/being purified & rebirthed?

Are you now sitting with great clarity & truths?

Have you seen your shadow self & now know it’s you that has to love, honour, respect, accept & nurture you?

Hold your truth, integrity, love & light Dear Ones.

For this is what we are all being tested on.

Are you really the Master of your Destiny?

The mighty sword of truth & scales of balance are doing their work.

You, your essence, your purpose are being rebirthed.

The upcoming New Moon in Libra is the balance point of this mighty imbalance of the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine within all of us & all we relate to.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls.


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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