Energy Update 25/8/2018

Energy Update

Hold on dear ones,

We are nearly through this massive energy upgrade.

As the pressure builds for tomorrow nights Full Moon in Pisces, you should start to see that more light has been shed upon a deeply emotional wound, pain or trigger that had been hiding in the shadow self.

Have you tried to give the benefit of the doubt to a situation or person, but have now realised you are wasting your breathe or energy & that a leopard just doesn’t change its spots?

Did you get hit between the eyes with truth?

Have you been pushed to your emotional breaking point this week?

Did you discover things just weren’t what they seemed?

Did fear or your deep wounds rear it’s ugly head for you to face once & for all?

Did pride get in the way?

Have great ideas, plans, dreams or visions started to manifest & gain clarity?

Have you made some big or tough calls?

Have you finally learnt your worth?

Congratulations you have been doing your soul work.

All this fire, anger, frustration & irritability, intolerance, judgements stirred up by too much explosive Leo Fire energy.

It is subsiding or some are still simmering now with the emotional release because of the Water from the Pisces Moon, allowing us to assimilate into the Suns Virgo Earth energy.

We will be triggered & letting go or eliminating big time.

You may bring about big changes now.

You are being challenged to finally be strong enough to be & walk your truth.

To roar & speak your truths.

To manifest the abundance into your world that you have worked so hard to bring into the physical form.

You never know how strong you are,

Until being strong is your only choice.

Be brave dear ones,

Has your bravery, strength, dedication & courage earnt you your Lions Heart?

It’s time to connect deeply with it.

It’s time to rise & shine.

Your path is now illuminating & the shadow self has disappeared.

You no longer have any fear.

For great blessings have been bestowed upon the brave who walk their path.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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