Energy Update 11/8/2018 – New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse

New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse

Energy Update

Saturday 11/8/2018


Wow look at that numerology. 11:8:11

Bookends of Self Mastery asking you if you have dealt with the Karma, then your destiny & infinite possibilities now await.

It is a Universal 3 day, the holy trinity or union of the divine or Creation.

Father, Son, Holy Spirit or Mother, Father, Child, see the sacred connection.

The 3rd of the trilogy of eclipses is here on a 3 Universal day.

Tonight it’s starting with the partial Solar Eclipse 5.32pm & peaking at 7.16pm.

Our New Moon in Leo is 7.27pm tonight.

The sky’s are aligning.

Now this is the final bookend to the eclipse season asking you if you have gotten rid of all that diminishes or limits you, from this mighty spiral or cycle, before you can be free for the birthing of those sacred seeds, dreams & future you have been working so hard to manifest.

Grandmother Moon is casting a shadow on our Sun (soul energy) as we come out of the cave or womb & then she births this new cycle.

Energetically so are we.

In this Dark Moon phase she’s asking you to look deep within your solar plexus, where your personal power connection resides. Shes challenging you to rise from the last of the shadows within & summon your fire to activate your strength, courage & ability to forge forward now.

We are closing down the Lions Gate Portal after 6 weeks of supercharged Soul activations, light codes, DNA upgrades, ancient karmic healing & soul connections from the Great Central Sun & Sirius.

So all the challenges you have faced this last few months are coming to an end.

Many have faced their deepest vulnerabilities.

Many have had relationships pushed to expand & evolve or they have now combusted.

Families have done great ancestral healing.

Karma has been burnt off & the dross has fallen away.

Many are getting ready to birth their new life as a result of your bravery, strength & courage.

Some are sitting light, free, transformed with a deep peace, dignity & grace.

We have all had our chests & hearts cracked wide open & been asked to drop into our heart spaces, coming from a place of love & kindness now.

Some are still letting their pride or ego rule & get in the way, refusing to grow & change. These are the ones that think the world revolves around them & that want to rule their domain through fear & control. There will be great challenges & obstacles to battle if you are still in this mode.

Sitting on the other side, I see how we have all had to face our deepest darkest pain & suffering.

Have you seen the truth of where it’s come from?

Ultimately our pain & suffering comes from not living, speaking or acting in truth.

When we compromise, choose unwisely, undervalue us, lack self love & worth.

The mighty Lions Gate & Sirius energy has gifted you the opportunity to transform from pain & suffering & returning home to your essence, love & light.

Remember the Lion Medicine I told you about, that’s what you have been learning & dealing with.

You now have strength & courage.

So know when you need to rest & soak up the glorious sun & shake out your Lions mane.

Know instinctively when you need to prowl or roar.

When you need to stand & protect your territory.

When you need to stand tall & proud.

When you need to hunt & gather, or conserve your energy.

When you need to stand united as one with your pride/tribe.

Are you now King or Queen of your domain?

Has the Regal one bestowed a great blessing or honour upon you?

Are there cubs or loved ones that need your love & protection?

What sacred seeds have you planted & been nurturing, that are now activated?

What new opportunities or new way of being are you assimilating into your world?

What are you going to emerge through?

What does this next cycle hold for you?

Do you know your hopes & dreams?

Have you conquered your fears?

Are you now empowered, enlightened & passed another level in your ascension path on the long journey towards Self Mastery?

Shine brightly Dear Ones,

It is time,

We can forge forward.

New beginnings await.

Destiny awaits the brave.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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