An Awakened Soul

An awakened soul isn’t interested in drama, conflict, chaos, gossip or games.

As you ascend you will find you no longer resonate with people, places, situations or friendships that once worked.

Because you have changed & evolved your vibration.

The energy doesn’t flow or connect.

You become a truth speaker & seeker.

You empower yourself & your world.

You want to be with like minded souls.

You get drawn like a magnet to like minded people & find your soul tribe.

You encourage self & others.

You are kind, compassionate, empowered & enlightened.

You know there is no need for competition & you are the Master of your destiny.

An empowered person will share their knowledge, journey & wisdom freely, knowing that it will help or inspire another.

There is no greater compliment for a teacher when their student takes off & learns to fly, even surpassing their teacher or Master.

Sadly some will want to keep you down.

Jealousy or envy appears.

There are false teachers & they too serve a purpose, for they teach you everything you are not & never want to be.

As your live in your truth, naturally expanding your love & light, it can act as a trigger, mirror & even catalyst for change, explosions & disconnections.

Because they just don’t want you to grow or fully awaken, or they want to keep you small to serve their purpose & feed their mighty egos.

Have you become a threat to their ego because the jealousy, manipulation & games will start.

Or have they used you, chewing you up & spitting you out when they got what they wanted from you, as they move along to their next unsuspecting target.

They will betray you now they can no longer control or use you, in a final effort to destroy or break you, but for a Master, it will only give you the strength you needed to walk away & rise higher without them.

Some will try to bad mouth, slander, gossip or spread rumours about you, even try to defame your character or reputation, just to try & serve their own insecurities, manipulation or pathetic existence.

They try to make themselves feel better by destroying or controlling another.

Some will even try to play games or power struggles, to manipulate you by using their so called gifts for ill gain, walk away & let Karma deal with them.

Masks will fall off & then they will show you how ugly, controlling, jealous & insecure they really are.

Some compete & have to be the Queen residing over their underlings, feeding their own ego, but they will never let you rise & fly free or above them.

Some keep information from you to set you up to fail or deliberately sabotage you.

Some are great pretenders & you soon see their information hasn’t come from living & walking their paths, but taken from books or stealing or copying information from others, trying to fob it off as their own. They will have no answers to your questions or anything outside of what is written.

But an awakened soul will rise above all adversity, challenges, fears & obstacles.

An awakened soul will see through all the games & manipulation, walking away or rising above it.

Hold your vibration.

Do not let them drag you down to their level or play their games.

For a true Master empowers all they come across, they have no need nor desire to be anything but themselves, a beacon of love, light, compassion & wisdom.

We bow to nobody unless the respect is there, mutual & earnt.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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