A lesson in trust

A lessons in trust.

What happens when you have a feeling, an instinct, when the hackles go up, you get the hairs stand up, shivers, your tummy turns, your heart races, or you instantly distrust a person?

What happens when someone walks into a room & you instantly sense an energy vampire?

What happens when someone has such ugly dark energy & you don’t want to be anywhere near them or get pulled into their ugly world?

What happens when you just don’t gel or resonate with another?

What happens when you are asked to trust but that makes you go against your better judgement?

You get a lesson in trust.

Because I’ve learnt over many years & trust emphatically my ability to see, know, read & understand energy.

Now you can be guaranteed if you choose to go against it, or where circumstances like a work or family environment, don’t always allow you that freedom to choose, that’s where opportunity to grow or your confirmation will be.

But then inevitably you get your hit, betrayal or lesson.

And that can take a while to process what just happened?

The very thing you instinctively knew was there, you were warned or shown that person was sent to challenge you.

How will you react?

Will you let them lower your vibration?

Will you let them psychically attack you?

Will you let them plug in & drain your energy?

Will they manipulate you?

Will they trigger a healing process in you?

Will you see through their games?

Will you stand in your power & let them see who they think they can play with?

Will it trigger old patterns just to see if you have mastered that lesson?

Are you to teach them a valuable lesson?

What energy are you then giving out & responding with?

What happens when you are left vulnerable, confused, used, abandoned or betrayed?

For me I am a kind & gentle soul, I live & walk this Earth with peace, grace, love & light, and that’s my energy I like to be in & share.

I simply do my thing & go to the beat of my own drum.

I have no need nor desire to play in lower vibrations or with another’s energy.

But sadly & many lifetimes have taught me, that doesn’t mean everyone else has those same morals, ethics, integrity & respect.

Don’t ever think you can manipulate or betray me, for then you will feel a mighty force of energy returned by the power of three coming back your way.

I will not allow anyone to play with my energy without my permission.

I don’t trust words, I trust vibes & energy.

People can tell you anything.

Energy tells me everything.

Energy never lies.

People do.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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