Time is such a valuable commodity.

Time waits for nobody.

You can waste time.

You can take time out.

You can have precious moments in time.

You can be right on time.

You can not value time.

But you can never get back time.

If you miss an event or celebration you live with regret.

What about that unforgettable moment in time that changed everything for you?

Time can feel like your greatest enemy.

They say time heals everything.

It’s said it takes time to change.

It takes time to make decisions.

You have to work a whole year to get 4 weeks holiday time.

What about the people who never took the time to love & nurture themselves or others, what does time deliver to them?

It takes time to manifest your dreams.

What about the athlete that trained for 4 years to be defeated by less than a second?

What about the person that gets a fatal prognosis & is told their time is running out?

What about that pregnant mum who waits 9 months to meet the love of her life?

What about the family that has just lost their loved one & run out of time together?

What about that impatient driver who had no time to wait, crashing & killed 5 people?

What happens when your partner can’t wait any longer for your love or for the relationship to grow or change?

What happens when you turn around & your children have all grown up & moved out?

Do you value & use time wisely.

Remember tomorrow is never promised to anyone.

Time is free but it’s invaluable.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls


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