Energy Update 22/6/2018

Energy Update


Well we have had the longest or dark night and it really did feel so long. I was so tired by 9.30, literally couldn’t keep my eyes open & went into a deep sleep, as the energy had finally settled. I slept deeply for a solid 8 hours, unheard of for me. So the energy has shifted.

We have now gone through the dark night of the soul & now we start to return to the light.

It’s a mighty but necessary process.

The Solstice heralds that point of standing still as cycles complete & restart.

It’s now officially Winter, where we turn inwards, hibernate, recharge & conserve energy.

It’s a time of introspection to assimilate the new & rest from the mighty ascension journey we have all been on.

We have all been stripped & shed bare.

We have all been through brutal splattering & shedding.

We are all getting stronger & withstanding the cold enduring chills & winds that rattled & shook us to the core.

We welcome & are now in Cancer energy, teaching us all the value of family, relationships, partnerships, home, connections.

Cancer is a water sign so you are going to feel & work with the emotions that these relationships trigger.

Gemini taught us the duality or where they were unbalanced or broken, so now we assimilate the changes, growth & lessons.

Your heart should be cracked open by now, if you are resisting, it will only get harsher & more painful lessons to bring the truth & this mighty essence forward.

The Cancer Crab protects its domain fiercely & may look formidable with its nippers ready to let you know it means business if you poke at its home, loved ones or vulnerabilities.

But when flipped or unbalanced its soft underbelly is exposed, it’s defenceless, it can get a mortal wound.

I suggest we learn the Crabs Medicine because we too can experience this.

Energetically we are now preparing for the upcoming Eclipse season, Lions Gate & Full Moon in Capricorn where we get to ground everything we are gathering & growing through.

Don’t hold onto the past that no longer serves you, as you now know & have been digesting those bitter sweet truths.

Try not to be overwhelmed with fear, doubt, uncertainty & anxiety of the future you can’t quite see but sense there’s a whole new world out there.

It’s a lesson in trust & integration.

What will you dream into being & manifest into your new world?

What path will you take?

What decision have you made?

Now you get to implement your free will to create change?

Change is scary because it’s the unknown or unfamiliar, but you know you no longer belong in the old.

You know it no longer serves you.

You know things have to change.

You know you can’t stand the pain & suffering anymore.

You know what you want & deserve now.

Be present today, in the now.

For you can only work in the present time to create change.

For that frees you from the chains of the past & to build the path towards the future you have yearned so long for.

The mighty Wheel of Life has turned.

Cycles within cycles, within cycles.

But time waits for no one.

Work hard on the now, on the sacred soil, create the sacred space for the new you to emerge after your slumber & rest.

Don’t let the sadness of your past & fear of your future, ruin the happiness of your present.

Do the work now & you will be ready to forge ahead, the growth is happening deep within now, deep within your roots & essence, your heart & soul.

Our sacred tree of life knows it’s in the Winter it’s roots go deep, it is a baron or lean time, when a mighty cycle concludes & starts a new one.

We rest, we recharge, we reenergise, we shed all the leaves, fruit or flowers & we have our true essence, our raw self, our structures, we see who we are & what we really are made of, for there’s nowhere to hide.

You are meeting an old friend.

You are reconnecting to your I Am essence.

You are evolving & becoming empowered.

You are becoming enlightened, turning those wounds into lessons, now you gain the wisdom & growth.

You are being the Master of your destiny.

You are passing another test on this mighty journey of self mastery dear ones.

And you are doing a great job.

I know this ascension path is hard, but we are all in this together, it helps to know it’s not personal it’s a universal consciousness & awakening.

When we begin to understand something we don’t fear it.

Shine brightly dear ones,

And if you are broken please reach out, say no I’m not ok, I’m wobbling, call a friend or loved one.

If a loved one has changed or fallen off the face of the earth for the last few months, you can be guaranteed they have also been doing this mighty evolution.

Please reach out, check in, send a message, make a call, pop in & see them, invite them over, catchup for a cuppa or meal, they just may need a friend.

You just might be amazed at the love, kindness, support, nurturing & help that’s waiting for you to accept, receive & surrender into.

You deserve to be loved & nurtured too.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright Jenny Boffa – Energising Souls


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