White Owl

It’s time to step up,

To be authentic.

To remember who you are & why you are here.

May your ancient wisdom rise.

May you step fully into being of service & purpose.

May you feel & nurture the quiet yearnings, whispers & guidance from deep within your heart & soul.

You are here for a reason.

You have something to share.

After devoting myself to study, remembering, journeys, awakening & walking this path for over 25 years, I was gifted my spirit name nearly 2 years ago.

It has since come to me from 3 different trusted sources, as I have never spoken it, so the hierarchy made sure I listened with the power of 3.

I have not felt ready, nor worthy, to fully claim it.

I have always honoured & respected its sacred & powerful medicine.

But I’m told Jenny it is time.

Ive pondered & now realise that the more I just walk my walk, write my words, share my wisdom, do the work helping others that I love, I’ve started teaching & sharing, being true to my heart & soul.

Simply from the journey called life, finding, loving, nurturing & embracing all that I Am, being my authentic self.

I realised I have become it.

The University of Life is the Master Teacher.

White Owl.

She is finally ready now.

Aho 🙏💜

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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