People or possessions?

People or Possessions ?

What do you cherish above all other?

Do you know the value of having children to love, a family, a place to call home?

Are you blessed to have a friend that you can always count on?

Do you have a partner that loves, cherishes, supports & makes you laugh?

Do you have children that enrich your life & you know they are the greatest gift you ever were blessed to receive?

Do you visit or ring your ageing parents just to show them how much you love them for all they have given & sacrificed for you?


Have you become a slave to bills?

Do you think your job title makes you a better person?

Are possessions a status symbol feeding your ego or bolstering your poor self esteem?

Do you think people are impressed by a fancy car & designer clothes?

Do you think that your house that you can’t afford to enjoy, but looks like something out of home beautiful is a status symbol ?

Do you work in a job you hate, to pay for the mortgage, car, designer clothes, debts you have accrued on possessions?

Has that Uni debt been worth that time & piece of paper you got, just to say you have a degree or satisfy parents?

What do you value, assets or loved ones?

Because what happens when you wake up & nobody is there anymore?

What happens when you focused on building your empire but destroyed your family or home?

What happens when time has gone by & now your parents are dead?

What happens when all you see & and all you have is empty chairs?

Who writes on their tomb stone “he was a good worker” ?

If someone is only in your life because of what you own, earn or provide for them, do they love you or what you give them?

People were created to be loved,

Things were created to be used.

The reason why the world is in chaos,

Is because things are being loved,

And people are being used.

Something to ponder

Love light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright Jenny Boffa-Energising Souls


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