Hiding in the shadows, Energy Update 19/6/2018

Hiding in the shadows.

Energy Update


We have all been feeling & been stretched by the duality of the Gemini energy.

Did you have a lot of hot air or feel deflated?

Did your heart take a beating, shattering into a million pieces?

Have you restored balance or polarity?

Big planets are taking us deep into our shadow watery emotions as the full moon energies are building for next week.

The mighty Wheel of Life is in its darkest phase before the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year is upon us, with shortest day light & longest night.

The dark night………..

Mother Nature says Winter has arrived.

Remember what lessons you learnt from the last Sag Full Moon, has your fire, strength & courage wained?

Are you shooting for your targets?

Are you using your fire to transform your world or has it been severely compromised?

What are you ready to clear & let go of?

Are you dimming your light?

Have you found others threatened by your light?

Have you had jealousy or envy towards you, just because you are doing your own thing?

Have you seen the dark side of someone or something?

Have addictive patterns shown?

Has self sabotage shown?

Has your self worth been tested?

Has the truth been bitter sweet?

Have relationships/friendships self combusted or evolved?

So energetically have you been feeling that way?

Remember, it’s your path.

Only you can know your truth and can be your authentic self.

It’s your essence & upon your journey that you become the Master.

It is not a competition.

It’s not about being better than anyone else.

It’s being better than the person you used to be.

It is the path of Self Mastery.

Someone who is enlightened & empowered simply shines & shares their light, wisdom, guidance, heart space freely.

They empower & inspire all they come into contact with, they are beacons of light.

However, someone who tries to hold you back because of their own fears & insecurities, ruled by ego, power or control, will try to diminish you & your light.

The truth is being shown for all to see now.

Masks have fallen.

Are you now loving & nurturing self as much as others?

Have you discovered your worth?

If you have done the soul work you simply won’t be able to tolerate being dishonoured or disrespected.

You won’t want to nor settle for scraps.

You will be getting stronger with self conviction as you make life changes.

You will be needing your partner to meet you as an equal from an open heart space.

You will be craving heart & authentic connections & conversations.

You will know who is really there for you or who just offers lip service.

You will be understanding that actions speak louder than words.

If you haven’t done the work, refuse to or fear growing, you may literally feel like you are dying a slow painful death inside, like your love & light is being slowly extinguished or you are fading away.

Energetically we may want to hibernate, be reflective, need nurturing.

Shine brightly dear ones, we need all the healers, Earth Angels, light workers & light bearers, Star Seeds, to rise & unite as one.

Shine your light, for the real ones will come like moths are drawn to the light.

Many are awakening & stirring from their slumbers.

Many who have been the bridges or beacons are ready to ascend to higher dimensions as great work & sacrifices have been made.

Humanity is raising its Consciousness.

Many are ready to build their new world.

Many are finding soul partners, twin flames, soul tribes, unity, community connections.

Many are coming home to self, feeling they finally belong to something or somewhere.

Where are you at?

Are you hiding in the shadows?

Or are you shining brightly dear one?

Don’t hide in the shadows because some can’t handle your light.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright Jenny Boffa-Energising Souls


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