Energy Update 14/6/2018 New Moon Blessings

Energy Update

New Moon Blessings

14/6/2018 =22/4 Master day

Blessings abound dear ones.

We have Grandmother Moon starting a new cycle at 5.13am (Adel) in the mutable Air sign of Gemini.

Depicted by the twins & ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.

We have both the Sun & Moon in Gemini & putting us squarely in this energy & new cycle.

So we are set to build on our new found clarity, truth & authentic self.

Gemini energy can have you split in 2, indecisive, unbalanced, caught up in your head instead of feeling. One minute you are cool & balanced, next minute your head is splitting & overwhelmed, you won’t know if you are Arthur or Martha.

The big focus is on relationships.

How you communicate & connect.

But this is how you relate or communicate with not only others but yourself.

Your self talk & self worth have been challenged, your truth has appeared, your choices made, or your hand will be forced & great change would have taken place in your world.

Are you the Master of your Destiny?

Did you pass your self mastery tests?

Your inner dialogue will be seeing if you are the Master Builder now.

Have you left duality fighting between your head & heart, or have you found yourself finally dropping into heart & soul?

Have you prepared the sacred soil for this new growth?

Have you got rid of dead wood or shed much from your world?

The Universe is asking do you need another ride on the carousel?, are you a fool? or are you ready to forge ahead?

If you are stuck in your head your nerves will be shot, sleep disrupted & scattered.

If you have done the work you will be sitting in change, integration, acceptance, seeing new paths, ascending & awakening to your new beginnings.

So there are the sacred keys to your growth & self mastery.

We have the first of 3 supermoons, meaning Grandmother Moon is closest to Earth & this creates an even bigger influence, the effects keep playing out till you get it.

We all know the Moon controls the tides, she’s controlling the tides of change for you. Do you need a tsunami, cyclone, earth quake in your world to wake you up from your slumber too?

All wrapped up with perfect numerology, a 22/4 Master day, the day of the Master Builder.

3 times in 12 hours I’ve been shown 555.

A special message I had been waiting for came though at 555.

I did some sums to see my manifesting 555.

This morning I got woken 5.55.

The power of 3.

The heirachy got my attention.

5 the number of change, 555 huge changes are rumbling throughout your entire life. To keep these changes positive keep your thoughts positive & stay centred.

The Universe has aligned.

It says “blessings dear ones, we are so proud of your hard work & sacrifices. It is time to stretch & grow Child. The weight & burdens of your pain & suffering have now been transformed & lifted. You have been reborn. It is now time to rise & shine. We have seen your struggles, we have seen your aloneness, we have seen your tenacity & will to survive. You have shown your dedication to purpose & to create your new world, for that I am immensely proud of you Child.

I send you my golden light to manifest & spread abundance in your world. You are so deserving of happiness, it is time for you to rise & shine. It is time for you to fully step into your essence. It is time. It is time”.

So there you have it, the channel is pure & strong this morning, and I for one am more than ready to be the Master Builder I was born to be.

It is time.

Are you ready?

Let’s build the world we want to live & stay in not continually need to escape from.

You hold the sacred key to your life.

You are the creator of your world & happiness.

You are the one.

You are the hero of this story.

Plant those sacred seeds of your hopes & dreams, nurture & tend to them with great love, then watch what arrives into your world over the next 3 months. Watch the magic happen & the blessings manifest into reality.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright Jenny Boffa – Energising Souls


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