Welcome June

Welcome June

Winter is Coming………

Welcome June & officially it is the 1st day of Winter, but Mother Earth isn’t ready for that yet, my roses are still blooming & budding most unseasonably, telling me Winter is still weeks away.

It’s the 6th month bringing in a vibrational change of energy.

6 is the number of families & communities coming together, forming strong bonds & foundations.

After the heavy energy of May which forced huge soul growth, life shattering & awakening changes upon so many.

You will find that you can start to breathe again, things settle, lot of foundations that have been shaken to the core in this universal 11 year, the year of self mastery, destiny awaits, paths appear now.

Start focusing your energy on what you want now, where you want to go, what you have seen & learnt.

Focus on the positive, the wisdom you have learnt.

Consolidating those new foundations & settling into those changes.

The lessons & journey that you have endured & grown through were not meant to be a punishment but a rites of passage, a rebirth, transformation, evolution into your highest self/purpose.

The shedding of old energy, belief systems, limiting or diminishing attachments was a critical part of your awakening.

You had to go through the shedding & splattering to discover you.

The Sag Full Moon was a pressure cooker, no doubt about that, clearing, causing explosions, or the trajectory to forge ahead,

to made you let go or push you though any real or perceived obstacles.

It’s gifting you the fire, the strength, passion & courage to transform your world, to forge forward.

To take aim with sharp sight & instincts, able to shoot that arrow right at the target, scoring a bullseye.

Officially it’s the 1st day of Winter.

The mighty Wheel of Life is turning, another cycle begins, but Mother Nature says Winter is still 3 weeks away on the Winter Solstice.

She’s still balancing & aligning, so are we.

Energetically we in the Southern Hemisphere start to turn inwards, as Winter is coming, it’s a time of introspection.

We tend to go indoors, to our homes, spending time as a family or with loved ones. We tend to hibernate, hang out together, share warm hearty meals, warm our bones by the fire, we rest & recharge.

We do this to reconnect to our roots, family, home, self, it is a vital stage in our cycle.

We had to shed our excess, to strip back to connect deeply with our soul.

Our mighty tree of life sheds & becomes baron.

Energetically it is the time of the Crone.

It’s time to become the wise one, or to assimilate all your lessons & growth into timeless wisdom.

Knowing you have deep, sturdy roots.

We start to bunker down to conserve our energy, to weather the storms & cold enduring chill, conserving our energy for the Spring growth & blossoming.

Now it’s time to stop worrying about all the reasons why something may not work.

Start focusing & thinking about all the reasons why things can work.

Knowing self is wisdom.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright Jenny Boffa – Energising Souls


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