Golden Healing Light

Golden Healing Light

Breathe deeply as you focus on the golden light you see in this picture coming down from the sun/solar/soul or source energy.

Allow the golden light to enter through your crown Chakra.

As you breathe deeply & slowly feel a calmness wash over you.

The monkey chatter will slow & your mind can rest.

A deep peace will start to flow through you.

Clarity will start to appear.

Stillness or being present in the moment.

Now draw that golden light deeply into your heart space.

Allow the golden light to fill your heart.

Let it swirl all around.

Let it connect & flow.

It will gift you with pure Source unconditional love & light.

Just sit & breathe, observe, then allow the golden light to weave its magic.

Watch and see what happens & see how you feel after doing this for a few minutes.

Please share what you felt.

I’ve come to bring you beauty you never knew you had, lifting you like a prayer to the sky.

Have a beautiful Saturday

Love, light & blessings



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