Welcome Taurus 20/4/2018

Welcome Taurus.

The sun moves into the fixed Earth sign of Taurus.

We have survived, or maybe some will say only just, the firey transformational flames of Aries, that set alight many attachments, burnt many bridges, and saw kingdoms crash & the mighty fall.

It showed us where relationships & friendships were out of balance.

It allowed us to search deeply & retrieve aspects of our I Am essence.

It pushed us squarely into the path of self mastery.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, as is Libra with compliments of its recent full moon, dished out a hefty bounty of the truth, justice & restored balance.

Those hard lessons have paid off.

Much ugliness, density, negativity, pain & suffering have been purged.

Now it’s time for the beauty to arrive.

That longed for balance is coming, new structures & grounding into earth & building new strong foundations.

So now we get the chance to pause.

To ground.

To consolidate.

It’s time to take in the beauty that now surrounds us or is trying to birth into your world.

But do you believe you are finally worthy of receiving these gifts?

But beware if you haven’t purged your anger yet, don’t be like that bull in a china shop, charging through wreaking havoc, or as stubborn as an old bull, refusing to shift or move.

Make sure you are like Ferdinand the bull, know who you are, don’t try to be like all the rest of the bulls, and happily enjoy your life, graze away till your heart is content, survey & admire your domain.

Take the time to stop to smell the roses, but don’t sit on a bee & get stung or steam will come out of your nose & you will charge !!

Venus & Earth, a perfect match.

It’s time you connected deeply to Mother Earth and admire, love, immerse & respect all she gifts you in this earth walk.

It’s time to ground & bring heaven to earth.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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