Rainbow Lorikeet

My latest creation.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Sacred medicine tools as this bird was collected the day after Marriage Equality was voted in.

It gifts you rainbows after darkness, beauty, grace, freedom, liberation, transformation.

Double wings are set with 2 clear & 2 smokey quartz master generators.

The ceremony or talking stick is set with Amethyst & smokey generator.

These are for my personal collection, but watch this space.

I’m presently making up lots wings into wands, shields, dream catchers.

Smudging feathers are available too.

So if something interest you, send me a message & I can create one personally for you.

These are saved by me off the roadside & then sacred ceremony is done.

I sit and ask the birds medicine or healing message to manifest into every wand or medicine tool that’s made.

No 2 are the same.

Would you like me to make something sacred for you?

To use for smudging or ceremony, for healing, for sweeping or clearing energy.

Some are your spirit or totem & helps you to connect on a deeper level.

The price will differ depending on materials or crystals used.

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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