Full Moon Blessings 31/3/2018

Full Moon Blessings

Energy Update

Tonight at 11.06pm (Adel) we have Grandmother Moon in all her glory.

It is the Libran Full Moon, my Moon.

Depicted by the scales, the Cardinal Air sign steps up now as balance is being delivered & demanded.

Now Libra is not only ruled by the scales of balance, but it’s ruled by Venus, so what it’s demanding is if there is anything that doesn’t bring beauty, peace, balance & harmony into your world, there will be a mighty spot light upon it now.

It can cause indecision, what way shall I go?

But Libran energy knows instinctively things that aren’t truth, for Libra in the tarot is depicted by the mighty sword of truth, and nothing but the truth will cut it.

For in the shadow or negative aspect nothing will make Libran energy unleash some wrath more than if there are untruths, injustice, manipulation or deceptions, then the mighty sword of truth will be wielded.

But beware it can be a double edged sword, wield it only in truth.

Endings will happen.

Relationships will be challenged if there is an imbalance within it.

There is a big energy to restore the aspects of the Divine Feminine within.

Old wounds of the womb are now receiving deep heart healing.

The Divine Feminine & Masculine are now working together in the journey of self mastery.

We have it on Easter, a time of death/endings & resurrection/life.

The scales of life’s journey.

There must always be endings to create new beginnings.

Full moons are a time to let go, gain great insight, gain clarity, see a different perspective.

We also have our 2nd Blue Moon for the year.

Now a Blue Moon is 2 full moons in a calendar month. These happen usually every 2 years, so there’s another insight.

We’ve had Earth & Water Blue Moon.

Now we have Air & Fire Blue Moon.

All the elements have now balanced.

Sacred space to grow through the heart is gifted to you now.

We’ve just had the equinox, equal day/night hours – balance.

We’ve just changed seasons.

Another cycle within cycles.

See how the Universe is balancing, well so are we.

We have our Moon (Feminine) Air /Libra

Sun (Masculine) Fire / Aries.

So here are the keys.

What or whom threatens to dethrone you or your kingdom?

What or whom causes imbalance in your world?

What is your absolute truth?

Are you dealing with injustice, lies, manipulation or betrayal?

Have you seen your life coming back into balance?

Have you gained a more balanced perspective?

What needs to change?

Are you waving the white flag to stop, overcome or win a battle?

Is that battle external or internal?

Some may fall on their sword, especially if the relationship isn’t based on truth, honesty, integrity or out of balance.

Libran energy in the positive is very graceful, caring & nurturing, it loves peace, beauty & harmony.

But in the negative it will become judgemental, argumentative, frustrated, irritated, bloody minded, stubborn, even wrath can be unleashed from taking too much for too long.

What do you need to do to restore balance, beauty, peace, justice or harmony to your world?

Because, if you don’t, the Universe is flexing its muscles in this 2018/11 year of self mastery.

For a Master doesn’t allow, react nor get drawn into things that no longer serve their highest good.

They won’t engage, they will detach, walk away or take the path of dignity, because we know our self worth.

Have you learnt or do you need your heart to receive more pain & suffering?

The choice is yours.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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