Feelings & Connections

When you connect with people who are good for you, you feel it.

Express your feelings.

Tell people you care, say thank you, I love you, I appreciate you, I see you.

We all need to feel seen & heard.

And a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

It’s not weird,

I greet all my friends with a big hug,

I give them positive feedback.

I open my home & welcome them into my sacred space.

We open up our hearts to each other & share such real & beautiful conversations & connections.

Deep trust is formed.

Our tribe has united as one.

Friendships are made.

Trust is gained.

Respect is earnt.

That all comes from being your authentic self & having an open heart.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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