Energy Update 15/3/2018

Energy Update

Wow what a powerhouse of energy we have had over the last week.

We are in the dark moon phase, preceding the upcoming new moon.

It is a time of deep introspection.

It is a time where life can feel lonely, sad, detached, vulnerable.

When we are plunged so deeply into the dark murky emotional waters Pisces has demanded much gets stirred up.

Many I have spoken to have snapped, reaching the end of their tether.

Some are frustrated & irritable.

Some like me, and like many women, have felt a lot of sadness shifting, as the wounds of the womb, from many lifetimes, start to release.

Some are running as fast as they can from their feelings, but that’s just avoidance, and will create much more complex situations.

Many have had relationships implode or explosive new revelations or truths have occurred & been revealed.

Many have felt smothered or overwhelmed with too many burdens.

Many have pulled away for much needed self nurturing.

Some have reached the surface & retrieved aspects of themselves from their deepest shadow self for acceptance, forgiveness & freedom.

One thing is for sure, we have all learnt what we no longer want.

That’s the best place to start, for we eliminate what no longer serves us to create the space for change & new beginnings.

We have seen where we settled for scraps.

We know what we bring to the table & we deserve a feast.

We have discovered our worth.

We have felt how painful it is to remain small, diminished, unloved, unseen, unappreciated or unsupported.

We no longer will accept nor tolerate poor behaviour, or to be disrespected.

We give kindness, friendship, compassion & understanding and deserve nothing less in return.

We want balanced, mutually beneficial relationships & friendships, or don’t bother.

We want meaning to things & conversations, not gossip & bullshit.

This all comes about as you awaken to a new consciousness.

An energetic upgrade has taken place.

We have had massive sun/soul solar flares.

The earths electromagnetic fields have shifted, so are we.

We are in the dark moon phase.

We have the upcoming new moon.

We have the Equinox coming as the mighty wheel turns again & a new cycle begins.

We are rounding out the zodiac as Pisces is the end & Aries is the start.

Remember it’s always darkest before the dawn, and energetically that’s where we are now.

In the dark & ending a mighty cycle.

I know this can be hard, overwhelming, daunting & unfamiliar territory.

When I find myself there I have no fear.

For I summon the divine love & light within my heart.

I call upon my I Am essence, my higher self, to step forward to guide me to the truth I need to see or uncover.

I go to the aspects of me that have waited patiently for me to love them back whole again, nurture & set it free.

And I call upon the strength & wisdom of my ancestors to show me the way, to support me if I stumble or wobble along the way.

Because when you can’t look on the bright side,

I will sit with you in the dark.

The Ancestors.

Then I remember, who’s daughter I Am.

That I am the result of the love & sacrifices of many.

I am never alone.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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