Energy Update 11/4/2018

Energy Update

Hello darkness my old friend,

I’ve come to talk with you again……….

We are in the Waning Moon phase as we approach the dark moon.

The time preceding the new moon.

It’s a time of deep introspection.

A time to go within.

A time to journey deep into your I Am essence to reflect upon all that had the spotlight from the recent full moon.

And what big truths have you been shown?

What big decision are you facing?

What have you seen within relationships?

Has a relationship received a mighty wound or huge change?

Have you had to digest a bitter truth?

Has justice been served?

Has an injustice surfaced?

Did you wield the mighty sword of truth?

Have you seen what’s out of balance in your world?

Are you in a holding pattern, feeling very heavy, burdened or oppressed?

Maybe you are sitting at the crossroads?

The energy feels like it’s paused.

There’s a stillness, that comes to a house,

When no one can sleep,

I guess that’s the price of love,

I know it’s not cheap………

It feels like the calm before the storm, or just waiting until we get the green light.

We are waiting for light to be shed on the situation before we can forge ahead.

We are waiting on clarity, insight, illumination, focus.

But first we must journey within to find our truth.

To sit in the shadow self or the darkness.

I have no fear of this space, in fact I welcome it now, for it holds mighty insight, my gifts & strengths, aspects of me that have patiently waited for the time to manifest.

Aspects wait for reconnection & awakening.

Deep healing occurs here.

We transform & transmute energy from dark to light, bad to good, heavy to light, fear to love, oppression to freedom, wounds to wisdom.

It’s a time for soul searching.

It’s a time to summon the essence of your love & light.

To blaze a trail through any real or perceived challenges or obstacles.

For the riches are there for the strong.

Love trumps everything.

Your challenge is to find everything that diminishes, binds, empowers or liberates the love & light you hold within.

Do not fear the darkness, for that’s when you shine the brightest.

And if your love & light is barely a flicker, then it’s up to you to muster & gather whatever you can.

Take it with you deep into the shadows, or find that spark or sacred seed deep within.

Place it into your heart, and hold on with all you have.

Nurture & protect that sacred seed, till its strong enough to grow.

Remember we reap what we sow.

Just remember in the winter,

Far beneath the bitter snow,

Lies the seed,

That with the suns love,

In the spring,

Becomes the Rose.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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