Awakening is a mighty process.

Some follow the path of the spiritual warrior, having to go through many initiations to feel worthy or fight their karmic debt.

Some are born with gifts, often growing into them over many years.

Some have to go through Rites of Passage or initiations to awaken.

Some are awakened after a tragic loss.

Some awaken after a near death experience that changed their belief system.

Some have spontaneous Awakenings simply because it’s divine timing.

Some are disciples of teachings.

And some awaken simply because they can’t stand the pain & suffering anymore.

They say there is a heaven & hell.

Well I’ve done a lot of soul journey, soul retrieval & past life work on myself & others.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we are in hell, living it right here, right now.

Now before you jump up & down & say that’s blasphemy, I mean no disrespect.

I’m talking from a purely spiritual perspective.

We are a light being having a human experience.

It’s the most prized incarnation for soul growth & evolution.

We are beings of pure love & light.

We are connected and one with creator & creation.

In this state it is heaven, but we descend to earth to live & learn.

We forget this vital link, that we hold the sacred key & struggle till we remember or reconnect to it.

We experience the polar opposite or polarity, heaven & hell, good or bad, light & shadow self, male & female, yin & yang.

But as we descend we are dumbed down, or our vibration diminishes or disconnects from that of a being of pure love & light, vibrating at 9 dimension & beyond, to the thick, dense, earthbound human 3rd dimension.

It’s like quick sand & pergatory to our love & light, to our I Am essence.

You come in pure, you know the smell of a newborn baby, their perfect innocence, completely vulnerable.

Then you have to surrender into this earthly experience & it’s not long before life starts chipping away at your divinity.

The journey called Life can literally feel like torture sometimes.

You’ve stopped connecting to source.

You disconnect from your heart & put walls up to survive.

You change from heart sensing to mind/ego sensing.

You forget how to communicate, connect & recharge yourself.

The old saying hell on Earth.

With all the harsh & brutal lessons we have to go through of abandonment, betrayal, loyalty, love, trust, family, relationships.

Life changes you, it diminishes you, it’s designed to make you struggle & evolve just for you to discover what you are really made of & what’s inside.

All your gifts, skills & natural talents are hidden for safe keeping, from others as well as you until you search for or find them.

You are placed into soul pods to learn & work out your karmic debts.

You take on all these belief systems, family traits & beliefs, religious beliefs, moral beliefs, government beliefs, social standards, education, the list goes on & on.

But are they Awakening you or making you comfortably numb?

Then you start to feel your life force fading.

You start to question things.

You start to see things from a different perspective.

You start to break some rules.

You make some choices & changes.

You start to go to the beat of your own drum.

You start to find your voice.

You start to connect to your truth,

your moral compass & belief systems.

Awakening is a brutal process of splattering, shattering & stripping away of all that isn’t yours.

All that binds & diminishes you.

It’s remembering who you are.

Why you are here.

It’s awakening to your purpose.

It’s reconnecting to your soul tribe.

It’s awakening & remembering that you can make & bring heaven to earth.

You are alive, not just here living or existing till your time runs out.

You are a Divine & Sovereign Being.

When you remember that,

You unlock your heart & soul.

Then this earth walk becomes a dance of awakening, enlightenment, empowerment & self mastery.

Until we ascend & return home.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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