She continues on despite them ……..

She continues on despite them………

We only fail if we give up, or worst still don’t even bother trying.

If we stop trying.

If we don’t learn from our mistakes.

If we don’t grow from our challenges.

We become diminished, lost, broken, vulnerable, bitter, resentful, ugly from the inside.

We need to heal & nurture our wounds.

Then we turn our wounds to battle scars & wear them with pride.

You have survived what tried to diminish, bind, kill or break us.

We need to turn lessons into wisdom.

We work our way through challenges, struggles & battles.

We rid ourselves of pain & suffering with love & nurturing.

We change our perspective from being a victim to victorious.

If you can run, walk, stumble or crawl, that doesn’t matter how you do it, but just keep going.

Never give up, you are worthy of so much more.

Remember you are stronger than you realise or know.

You weren’t meant to exist broken & defeated, you were designed to survive & thrive.

Carry on despite them.

Even if your only strength or reason comes from refusing to let someone break or control you, find the reason to keep going.

Don’t let doubts or fears cripple you.

Take control of yourself & your destiny.

Pick up all the shattered pieces.

Hold your head high.

Take pride in yourself.

Find the strength & courage to forge forward.

Make a choice to make a change or things will always stay the same.

Exert your free will.

Put up healthy boundaries.

Learn to say NO.

High tail out of that hell hole or tangled web you have found yourself in.

Love & honour you.

For it’s all up to you…….

Walk tall

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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