Energy Update 10/12/17

Energy Update

So many have contacted me sharing they are feeling just like this at the moment, tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, spread too thin, drained, uncertain & indecisive.

Big energy abounds.

Monumental life changes & shifts are happening.

Many are dealing with walking away, releasing who & what no longer serves them.

Many are letting go, moving forward, but that comes with a heavy load of guilt, anguish, unhappiness & tugging on the heart strings.

Separation & change isn’t easy, we as humans fight to hold on & we fight to let go.

Many are feeling in the void, transit lounge or limbo, just waiting for the right time, for the planets to align, for divine timing.

Some are so overwhelmed by the impact, changes, upheaval, emotions, light upgrades, that they are frozen in fear, unable to see a path through or forward.

Some can only see the rubble of the life they once knew, loved & fitted into like a glove, but now so alien, as your world lays in chaos or ruins at your feet.

Many are experiencing deep grief releasing. Long held pain & sadness is coming away in waves, as the festive season & closing another annual cycle triggers deep held pains.

We stop, pause, contemplate & reflect how far have I come?

Many strong, courageous, spiritually empowered people I know are soul weary, literally broken & exhausted.

Its been a long hard arduous personal ascension path & journey.

Many have awakened & are of service, anchoring the energy downloads & feeding the Grids, Ley Lines, the Net of Light & Mother Earth for the greater good of humanity.

Whatever is rising up for transformation within you, or your world, please just remember, we are all in this together.

We are only as strong as our weakest link.

It may not be you right now, but you can be guaranteed someone close to you is there now.

The mighty Wheel of Life turns for everyone.

We all experience life cycles. We all know someone who is in it or we have been or are in this place.

Don’t leave a fellow sister or brother out in the tsunami all alone.

Offer a helping hand.

Send a text message to say you are thinking of them.

A kind word, to know someone cares, to feel seen, supported & loved is the most primal human need.

Be a real friend, are you there for the good, bad & ugly?

Or are you a fair weather friend only around for the good times?

then maybe you should only be an acquaintance…….

Real friends are by your side, because they want to be, because they care, because they want you to be happy, they are happy for your happiness & sad when you are sad. They know what you deserve, they value you, they honour you, they respect you, they remind you of just how special & loved you are when you forget, or life has knocked it out of you.

When it hurts to look back,

When you are too afraid to look forward,

Look beside you,

I will be there

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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