We teach people how to treat us……


We teach people how to treat us.

When you love & honour you, when you have self respect, then you simply will not tolerate anything less from others.

Lack of self love or self worth leads to you building a need for others to fill.

You need to be needed.

You fall into the trap of thinking that another can complete or fulfill the void within you.

You open yourself up to be vulnerable, used & taken for granted.

You can be sure you will always be left feeling betrayed, abandoned, trust issues, disappointed, pain, suffering, used, taken for granted, disrespected, not accepted, not good enough, like a doormat etc.

See the truth within unbalanced relationships.

Stop & reflect does this relationship, friendship or situation empower or diminish you?

As you begin to love yourself, you will learn that pain & suffering are only warning signs, that you are living against your truth.

Stop denying the truth.

Acknowledge & accept people for what they bring into your world & who they are in essence.

Stop trying to fix everyone & everything.

Stop people pleasing.

Stop sacrificing your needs.

Stop running from what your heart & soul are yearning for.

Stop trying to make things fit.

Stop feeling guilty for wanting to love yourself more than another.

Stop feeling sorry for nurturing or putting yourself first.

Are you not worthy of the love, kindness, compassion & friendship that you so freely give to others?

Can you learn to give & receive?

What is out of balance?

Get real & face the truth.

It may be bitter truths.

It may not be easy.

It may require great change.

However, the truth will always set you free.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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