But are you happy?

But are you happy?

Society loves to judge or pigeon hole people.

Are you a success only when you find a partner, get engaged or married?

Is that marriage gauged a success only if you have a fancy house, fast cars, designer clothes, 2.2 babies & a white picket fence?

Are you a success working in a job you hate, feeling like Groundhog Day, to pay for a loan you can’t afford, to live a life full of material possessions, to fill a void within, from the plastic, shallow people you find yourself surrounded by?

Are you only a success with a degree, qualifications or fancy letters after your name?

The one who is different, who goes to the beat of their own drum, is always judged.

Always told you can’t do that, or you have to do this.

But they are only reflecting their limitations, judgements & belief systems to you.

You rock the establishment by being you.

By living life your way.

By refusing to be comfortably numb. By refusing to conform.

By knowing your own heart & soul.

By not people pleasing.

By loving & honouring you.

Don’t you think a better question to ask people is “Are you happy” ?

And then being happy for them, for their choice.

For having the strength & courage to live their life their way.

Because really, what else matters??

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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