2/12/17 Energy Update

Energy Update

The Sun/Soul Fire Energy is swirling & building in intensity, now the heat has given way to rain, wind & thunderstorms.

As we feel the buildup of energy prior to the weekends Full Moon in Gemini, the Air sign depicted by the Twins.

So where is duality in your world?

What do you need to decide?

Who or what diminishes, drains or scatters your energy?

It’s challenging, encouraging, shifting you, pushing you forward.

It wants you to draw the line in the sand.

Make a decision.

Have you found yourself in 2 minds or second guessing yourself?

Be aware of people, places, relationships & situations.

The energy is there for you to observe.

The truth is there.

So stop & reflect.

What energy or vibe are you giving off?

Are you snarling like a tiger?

Or purring like a pussy cat?

Are you feeling caged in or trapped?

Are you on high alert of an imminent or perceived danger or threat?

Are you restless & prowling?

Is something or someone pushing your buttons?

Are you in fight or flight mode?

Are you feeling drained around certain people?

Are you ready to forge forward?

Are you ready to let go?

Are you ready to burn some bridges?

Are you feeling like you can’t breathe or overwhelmed?

Are you tired, snitchy & grumpy?

Are you feeling a sense of urgency or need to push forward?

Have you gotten the urge to purge, clean up, tie up loose ends?

Have you been sorting lots out?

Learn to read & intuit energy.

Energy introduces itself long before you even speak.

It also helps you to receive & decide very quickly, how you feel in any given circumstances.

If you want to interact?

Do I want to be there?

Do you want to avoid, leave, change or get out of it?

What part is my energy playing in any given scenario?

Do I like what I see?

Am I being my authentic self?

Is this behavior for my highest good?

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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