Energy Update

Energy Update

Leo energy has certainly arrived with a mighty roar & we are only just walking into this phenomenal & transformational month full of gateways, eclipses & sun/soul energy.

Have you felt a surge or stirring in your solar plexus or fire in your belly?
Have you felt some strength & courage stirring?
Have you felt some anger come rumbling up from deep inside to ignite your fire?
Have you felt a glimpse of hope that things are starting to change or turn around for you?
Have you stepped forward on your path?
Do you feel it’s time?

Have you felt your core body temperature kick up a few degrees?

The last 2 weeks every night I have been getting major energy downloads. This level I haven’t felt for a while & this can be quite unsettling if you haven’t been through an ascension process.
To the point like a sauna or fierce heat is being activated inside.
Its burning away, letting go, transforming all the thick dense energy that remains within.

Have you been having vivid dreams?
Have you been waking up clearer about what steps to take next?
Are you getting itchy feet to get moving?

Your Merkaba is being activated & realigned.

Self Mastery is taking responsibility for everything that’s happened to us.
Its elevating your perception from the earthly/physical/human perception & elevating it to a Soul’s perception.
It’s letting go of all that no longer serves or diminishes you.
We draw back & reclaim all our energy we have invested in those emotions, like fear, guilt, shame, blame, hurt, anger, we reclaim our power.

As we do this we have to assimilate the huge amounts of light into the physical.
This can bring about flu like symptoms, lots of aches & pains, creeky bones, head aches, tiredness, your vision my be blurred, your mind may feel cloudy before clarity.

If the fire energy starts to get to much exert some energy, exercise, yoga, gardening etc to burn some energy away otherwise it can become destructive with anger, rage, jealousy, need to control.
If you feel shitty, angry or frustrated or have someone who is triggering you, be aware of how you release that fire, for you can be guaranteed in this state you may shoot the messenger.
It can lead to destruction of friendships & relationships.

Work with the energy definitely not against it.

Be gentle with yourself dear ones.
You are awakening.
You are remembering.
You are starting to love & honor you.
Hold on to your hats & enjoy the Cosmic ride.

Love, light & blessings


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