Expectations & Assumptions

Expectations & Assumptions

How many times have you been let down or disappointed in the behaviour of another?
But why is this so?
Do you expect everyone to be like you or behave the same?
Do you really think everyone has the same moral compass?
How many chances do you give to somebody to hurt, use or betray you?
How many times do you hear someone say “but I assumed” or “I never expected that to happen”?
Do you think ranting & demanding or enforcing your will on someone will bring about a happy resolution?
Do you believe people will change by you enforcing your will upon them or do they have to want to change?
Why isn’t it working out how I want it to despite my best efforts?
Did you ever consider that the relationship, job or situation isn’t right for you or not meant to be?

There is a saying when you assume it makes an ass of u & me.

How many times do you continually try to fix something or someone?
Have you considered or are you ready to accept that it is just the way they are?
We are all different for a reason.
We all bring gifts to this world & we are all triggers to each other, just being us & the way we are.

One of the greatest acts you can do is to walk away, put healthy boundaries up, let go, have faith, to trust.
To sit with your truth & moral compass.
Because to let go of control & allow someone or something to take its natural course isn’t easy.
Often the greatest challenge is you will learn that you will be forced to love & respect yourself more than another.

Never expect, never assume.
Never ask & never demand.
Just let it be.
If it’s meant to be, it will happen.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


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