Do you have triggers?
Have you noticed a certain topic brings an instant reaction from you?
When you tell a story do you still cry, get angry, feel pain, react, become overwhelmed, anxious, fearful?

Well that is a trigger, to draw your attention to an unhealed pain or wound that lays deep within your being.

To survive, we have coping mechanisms, so we tend to tuck things away where we think they won’t hurt us…………wrong !!!
This is exactly how dis-ease within the body happens leading to diseases & sickness.

You have to be brave & face the issue.
Only then can you heal the emotional charge with lots of understanding, compassion, self love, self care, letting go, growth, change of attitude etc.

Some triggers cannot be unexplained, like an irrational fear, or overwhelming emotion. But you have no idea where it came from or have no memories of why you would fear drowning or sharks?
Have you ever considered that the soul holds memories & we have come back to heal our old triggers from a past life?

What are your triggers?
Are you ready to heal & release them?
I can help you.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings


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