Energy Update – dark moon phase

Energy Update

As the energy builds before tomorrow mornings New Moon, we are now in the dark moon phase.

For many this month has been all about sorting your world, both inner & outer & a lot of conflict or tests have appeared.

We are moving into Gemini energy now and this New Moon is in Gemini.
Now Gemini is depicted by the twins, and there is your key.
Dual aspects of you, the light & shadow self may be in conflict.
Relationships with siblings may be challenging.
Relationships with you as the child & how you relate with parents.
Lots of mind or monkey chatter going on in your head, sometimes not able to switch off.
A feeling of being torn in two, or pained over what direction or path do I take?

Many endings have occurred but they are making way for new beginnings.

Some may feel like part of themselves is lost or dying as the old patterns & belief systems shed.

So use this time to go within.
It’s where your truth is.
It’s an essential step for personal growth & empowerment.
But many struggle with the darkness or heaviness this energy brings, it’s akin to the void just before the dawn.
Many don’t like journeying into their shadow self, fearing change or emotional upheaval.

Prepare the space for those hopes & dreams, it’s worth the hard work.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


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