Something to ponder…….

Something to ponder……

Deep down within, there is a buried or hidden shame, a fear, a sadness, loss, or grief.
There was an unspeakable moment in time when you broke & buried your pain deep down within your heart & soul.
Haunting & causing you to live in the darkness.
A mere shadow of your glorious self.

This is the place that needs your love & light, kindness, compassion, strength, courage, truth & understanding.
Find a way in, journey deep into the shadow self, shine a light upon it, honor it, wrap your arms around it, love it & heal that broken piece of you.

Learn to love all of you.

Find a way to let go.
To forgive yourself or another.
Find a way to move forward.

For that is the very moment in time you set your heart & soul free.

Love, light & blessings


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