Energy Update

Energy Update

For 3 days the emotional releases from deep within my soul have been unrelenting & happening.
I always experience the energy so I can write about it or teach from it.

We are in the muddy waters, the deep Pisces energy that demands you journey where old hurts, wounds, pain, fears, triggers & emotions lay hidden or buried.

With the upcoming full moon the spotlight will be illuminating the unseen or avoided, ready to be released.
It will challenge you on a deep emotional soul level.
It will take you deeper than feels comfortable to test you.
It will demand you face these emotions.
You can be guaranteed this will be happening universally.
So be gentle on you or considerate to others, for nobody will escape this journey.
Emotions will be raw, people will be reactive, fragile emotionally.

The Lotus flower knows it’s roots run deep, it is immersed in the muddy waters, then struggles, stretches & grows towards the light, breaking through the perceived darkness into the light, then dazzles in its perfect beauty.

Be like the Lotus Flower,
Be at ease in the muddy waters.
Go with the flow.
Trust that you too will emerge in all your perfect beauty.

Love, light & blessings


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