Energy update

Energy Update

What a week.
So much has been shifting energetically & it’s only the first week of 2017.

Howling winds from the East blew for 2 days to ruffle our feathers.
Huge solar/soul energy has radiated all over Australia, with heat wave conditions.
In the Northern Hemisphere we have extreme cold.
Perfect balance & polarity of the Hemispheres.
There has been massive downloads of energy.
Soul contracts & Karmic cycles have been honored & completed.
Waves of light & energy is returning to our souls after honouring our soul contract work to hold light in the darkest places.
Cycles ended & completed.

You may feel unwell with this huge download & assimilation of energy.
You may feel tired, flat, dizzy, nausea.
Yesterday it hit me hard & I was unable to even stand. I felt like the leaning tower of Pisa. So be aware.

You may have old memories, people, places, stories, images floating through.

We are entering a rare time where all our planets are in forward motion, no retrograde lessons. We to are being released to move forward.

We are building into our full moon energies. A time of release. A time to let go.

So if over the next few days any or all of these symptoms occur, don’t panic.
Our physical bodies are being upgraded & fine tuned to the new vibration & 5D energy from the thick heavy, dense energy of 3D.

Be gentle on yourself.

Love, light & blessings

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