Full Moon Blessings

This morning at 10.35am (Adel time) we have our last Full Moon for 2016.
It’s in Gemini, an Air sign, depicted by the twins. It’s ruled by the planet Mercury.

So we have the Moon in Airy Gemini & Sun in firey Saggy.

So communications & the way we talk our talk is under the spotlight.
You will find your hand may be forced & you will be finally getting your truth out there.
Duality or indecision will cause frustrations or you maybe in 2 minds what’s the right way forward or decision to make.
It’s about intellect, quick wit, rolling with the tides of change.
Issues may arise surrounding siblings or friends.
You may feel like you have dual brains, switched on & full steam ahead or foggy & lethargic.

As this Full Moon gifts you this energy, it’s asking you,
Which way forward?
What’s your truth?
Are you running around like a chook with your head chopped off not knowing if you’re Arthur or Martha?
Are you ready to let go?
Are you ready to speak your truth?
Do you know your own mind?
Are you ready to talk the talk & walk the walk?

If you find yourself lost, confused, overwhelmed, exhausted, then you are being shown that something isn’t your truth anymore.
Are you resisting change?
Are you resisting releasing & letting go?
Is there unfinished business?
Are you not speaking & living your truth?
Do you still belong there?

Remember this 2016 year is a 9 Universal year. You are meant to sort & get rid of the rubbish, excess, tying up loose ends, letting go, clearing, changing, evolving.

Sort your stuff, this full moon is pushing you through the mental & physical aspects of self.
Your heart & soul have learnt & know your truth, no longer can you live in duality, you must live your authentic truth.

Let it go now or you will take it with you into the new vibration of 2017.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings

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