Shamanic tools

With Shamanic Healing we use Medicine Tools to assist & to connect with the medicine of the animal or crystal.

Eagle Feathers are the most sacred of feathers, they are to be gifted to you when you have earnt the right to work with them. Eagle takes the healing & messages straight to Creator.

All animals used to make medicine tools die of natural causes. As an Earth Keeper, many animals come to me at the end of their life cycle to offer themselves to be transformed into Medicine Tools.  There is sacred ceremony performed and prayers for their offering, sacrifice & medicine.

Each bird, animal, reptile, crystal, wood or material used is selected carefully for the teachings or medicine that they hold.

Medicine tools made to order:-

  • Smudging feathers
  • Healing Wands
  • Dream catchers
  • Shields
  • Crystal wands
  • Talking sticks

For example

  • Raven – messenger
  • Owl – wisdom
  • Magpie – balance, territorial,
  • Peacock – goddess

Clear Quartz – master crystal to program intent, clarity, amplify

Amethyst – highest healing & protection

Willow – adaptability, able to bend or go flow.

Deer Antler – instinct, gentleness