Energy Healing

Energy healing is my specialty.

My Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 attunements were in 1995.

I received my Reiki Master/Teacher attunement in 2013.

I felt that I was ready to step up as a person who had worked long enough with energy to understand it, respect it, absorb it, and transmit it. I had mastered my fears, my path and journey. I was now ready to be the Master of my destiny. I was now ready to teach and share my knowledge, passion and wisdom.

 I also have a Diploma in Polarity Therapy since 2008. Polarity is the study of Energy and how it works and effects the chakras, body systems, elements. 

Polarity Therapy is very different from Reiki as I work with your energy and connect to the flow, imbalances, blockages, within. It is about balancing energy and its flow. It reinstates homeostasis or well being on all levels. The emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies all benefit from the amazing healing of balanced and flowing Energy.


  •  60 mins duration
  • 90 mins duration

You can choose either a 1 hour healing or a more luxurious 1 1/2 hour healing/treatment where we will have more time to go deeper within and time to receive some guidance as we chat through and support your needs.