Most of us at some point may question why…….why am I different from other people? Why do I have unanswered questions about myself? Why am I connected but feel disconnected to others? Why is there part of me missing? I had these questions and many more about myself and found answers through Jenny. As my spiritual mentor and guide, Jenny has helped me embrace the divine spirit within, and encouraged her to let loose out into the universe! Over the past 4 years through Jenny’s assistance, support, faith and wisdom I have found the most truest and honest version of me and my divinity. Jenny provides a safe and welcoming space to explore the boundaries of spiritual connection and more – through Jenny’s support and advice I re-connected with my ancients and journeyed to central Australia to sit and spend time with the ancestral spirit healing women of my Aboriginal tribe. Thank you for guiding me towards a path that was always in front of me, but at times felt out of my reach. Jenny you are a blessing as a woman, a blessing to my soul and a blessing in true divine connection. Jo