Owl Medicine 🦉

Owl Medicine

Driving I heard Jenny we have 3 lessons & a reward coming for you, watch.

Within a minute I had an impatient idiot overtake 3 cars & he was coming head on for me, missed me by less than a couple of metres. I heard my Dad say remember Jenny Lee it’s not you it’s all the other idiots that you have to watch out for. Hmmmmmm

Turned the corner another impatient idiot blocking the road because they couldn’t wait for the road to clear…….Hmmmmmm

I get back in car from shopping & I hear, Jenny go along the beach, so what do I see, in the middle of the day a magnificent White Owl hovering, so I pulled up to watch it swoop & retrieve it’s pray.

Hmmmmm 3 lessons.

Then I kept driving & on the side of the road I see a wing flapping in the wind, my heart sank & my tummy turned, I knew instantly it was an Owl.

I looked at the clock 11:22

The number of self mastery & the Master Builder, I must have passed another stage in my journey.

Owl Medicine has come to me.

He can now rest peacefully next to my Medicine Wheel.

Very humbling, only 1 week ago 15/6 I publicly spoke my truth & stepped up to claim my spirit name, that I was given 2 years ago. White Owl.

Another lesson of how quick we can manifest from our heart & soul when we are our authentic self.

The heirachy never cease to amaze me & send me signs & guidance, reminding me I’m watched over, I’m protected, I see all & I am never alone.

Sacred Medicine & blessings on the Solstice.


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